Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV can suck my left nut

A few comments about the MTV Movie Awards:

* It's a strange world we live in where Miley Cyrus beats out The Boss for song in a movie. Who sang it better: Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" fromHannah Montana: The Movie...

...or Bruce Springteen's "The Wrestler" from The Wrestler?

* Sasha Baron Cohen joins Steven Colbert in the big brass balls club.

* As I was watching the whole freak show unfold, I can fully understand why Thom Yorke of Radiohead hates MTV.....its nothing more than as, Lester Bangs from Almost Famous would say, "an industry of cool." How did MTV go from being part of the X-generation to a part of the souless, vapid, and shallow culture that glorifies talentless eye candy? For years i've wondered why I've never totally fit in with the pop culture of my generation....tonight I understand why: I have no connection with it.

* Twilight sucks. The craptastic movie swept the awards show, and they're making another one, titled New Moon. Fuck that. I'd rather sit through <Armageddon and Pearl Harbor than pay money to watch a bunch of Abercrombie and Fitch pretty boys run around with their shits off. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shootig Star

This latest poem was weird for me.
Instead of me feeling like shit, there was something therapeutic in writing even though the words I write (in my opinion) ring with aching beauty and heartbreak, it's not really so bad. For me, after looking though pictures at the girl who I liked a lot and feeling like I had missed an opportunity, I realize all that time I was chasing after something that I wouldn't have been able to obtain; that I would only be her friend and nothing more. It's not a great feeling, but in time it's not so bad.
I guess its a right of passage that every young man goes through: wanting to be with the girl you like, but never having the chance to show her what you're made of because she's in a prior commitment.
The inspiration was Weezer's "Only In Dreams" from the band's debut album, along with Coldplay's "Yellow;" Radiohead's "(Nice Dream)," and "A Wolf At the Door;" Imogen Heap's "Goodnight and Go;" and Death Cab For Cutie's "Someday You Will Be Loved."

You see her everyday
Everything you see in her
Clouds every second of your mind.

You only want one chance
To show her what she's been missin'
And someday, you and her becoming one, somewhere in time.

It's only a nice dream
Merely wishing on a shooting star
You reach out to grab her hand
Only to realize she's too far gone.

She comes up to you
Gives you her numbers
Then tells you, 'Hey sweetie, call me.'

You're stomach's doing back flips
You begin the believin'
That you and she were destined to be.

But it's only a nice dream
You're only wishing upon a shooting star
You're reaching out to grab her hand
Only to wake up and learn that she's too far gone.

You've snapped out of you're daydream
Realizing you were chasing after a ghost
But you're still hanging onto the lies.

Until you see her with her desired man
Laughing and sharing a passionate kiss
That you're left standing there wiping tears from you're eyes.

It was only a nice dream
Just wishing on a bright, shooting star
She never reached out to take your hand
Because she was already too far gone.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Outrage Game: Memorial Day Edition

Never a dull moment with partisan hack extraordinaire Matt Margolis of Blogs For Today's faux outrage against President Obama? He went golfing on Memorial Day!

Really, Barry? Really? According to a White House pool report, posted on Drudge Report:

Subject: Pool report 5/25/09

POTUS is, reportedly, golfing with Marvin Nicholson. No actual glimpses of the presidential golf game. Aides say POTUS paused at 3 p.m. to observe a moment of silence.

The jerk won’t let Memorial Day get in the way of his golf… sounds like Bill Clinton, who passed up the chance to get Osama bin Laden so his golf game wouldn’t get interrupted.

The president's agenda on Memorial Day:

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama begins Memorial Day hosting a breakfast at the White House for families who have lost loved ones in military service. The Gold Star family members will be honored in the State Dining Room.

Later this morning, the president will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

Afterward, Obama will deliver remarks at the Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington.

Now it is true that the president played some golf today, but Matty left out one important detail: this was after he performed his mandatory rituals on Memorial Day!

FORT BELVOIR, Va., May 25 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama relaxed on the links Monday after taking part in a Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery.

Aids said the president spent about 4 1/2 hours on the course at Fort Belvoir in Fairfax County, Va., out of sight of a pool reporter who was kept in a roped-off area of the base PX food court. He then returned to the White House.

Obama's aides said the president paused at 3 p.m. to observe a moment of silence.

Obama ventured out on the course despite rain falling as his motorcade arrived on base. It wasn't disclosed who accompanied the president on his outing.

So not only did President Obama play some golf after taking part in the traditional Memorial Day service in Arlington, he even paused his golf game at 3p.m. to honor a moment of silence for the fallen veterans of the U.S. Military, just like he asked all Americans to do the same.

But since Matt wants to play the outrage game, let me throw him a 'what's worse scenario:'

What's worse? Obama playing a few founds of golf after he completed his traditional duties.......

....Or former President Bush playing the guitar and his Secretary of State Condelezza Rice going shoe shopping while the citizens of New Orleans were drowning in their homes and dying when Hurricane Katrina hit?

Please, spare me your false outrage, you fucking hypocrite.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Fool Falling Headfirst in Love

It takes one look from you, darling
Your amber eyes locked into mine
I might as we be a-fallin'
From Heaven's Gate, unto a moonlit sky

It takes one flash, baby
From your radiant smile
That i'll be helpless and hopeless to resist
You already know i'll keep you company awhile

Honey, Honey
I've been blinded by your spell
Have you been sent to me from Heaven?
Or are you a demon in disguise
Waiting to drag me to the gates of Hell?

For now, I have no choice
But to let this compass in my chest guide me
For now, only time will tell.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


The news story that i'm still scratching my head over.

FINDLAY, Ohio - A student at a fundamentalist Baptist school that forbids dancing, rock music, hand-holding and kissing will be suspended if he takes his girlfriend to her public high school prom, his principal said.

Despite the warning, 17-year-old Tyler Frost, who has never been to a dance before, said he plans to attend Findlay High School's prom Saturday.

Frost, a senior at Heritage Christian School in northwest Ohio, agreed to the school's rules when he signed a statement of cooperation at the beginning of the year, principal Tim England said.

The teen, who is scheduled to receive his diploma May 24, would be suspended from classes and receive an "incomplete" on remaining assignments, England said. Frost also would not be permitted to attend graduation but would get a diploma once he completes final exams. If Frost is involved with alcohol or sex at the prom, he will be expelled, England said.

Ok, I get the sex and alcohol part, but the school suspended one of their own for simply taking his girlfriend to her prom?? But here's the kicker:

"In life, we constantly make decisions whether we are going to please self or please God. (Frost) chose one path, and the school committee chose the other," England said.

Jesus fucking Christ.....he's a hormonal, angst ridden male teenager who probably beats off to a friend's naughty movies, all while listening to AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" every time the 'rents are out of town (you know, like me almost a year ago); you're not training him to become a priest who tells the alter boys to come hither and drop the pants to receive the 'touch of God!'

He's a teenage boy...let him be just that.